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Cartouche filtrante

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         Cartouche filtrante
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Cartouche filtrante
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Universal, it filters chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals and pesticides while making the water slightly alkaline (pH >7)
Filters out chlorine and removes organic compounds by more than 90%.

Significantly reduces the content of heavy metals (copper, lead, etc.) and pesticides.

Reduces water hardness.

Eliminates redox (produced by old pipes).

Produces alkaline water (slight increase in the ph of drinking water from neutral to basic).

Improves the taste and smell of the water.
Hydration is an essential pillar of cellular health.

S&You filter cartridges are compatible with all round filter jugs.

They produce alkaline water (pH increase) while filtering out chlorine, organic compounds, pesticides and heavy metals.

The first essential cure for our cell health: WATER! It is essential for our health to drink water that is slightly alkaline (PH>7) and as free as possible from chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and drug residues...

What does science say?
Our body is composed of an average of 60% water, our cells and our brain up to 90% depending on our age.
According to Dr David Wheeler, when cells are hydrated, this triggers the anabolic phase, one of the body's healing mechanisms. When dehydrated, they trigger the catabolic phase, which leads to the inflammatory mechanism and premature ageing.

There is an urgent need to consider water as an essential element for health.
Lifetime of the filter:
about 1 month (150 litres for 4 people and depending on its use: daily drink, hot drinks, soups, cooking water, sparkling water, plant water, animal water, etc.).

Do not exceed the recommended usage time.

Compatible with most round filter jugs.

Can be recycled in specialist shops.
The components of the filter granules come exclusively from European manufacturers.

ISO certified production with strict controls for maximum quality and safety.

Free of BPA.
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