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Oméga3, VitamineD3, Astaxanthine

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                 Oméga3, VitamineD3, Astaxanthine
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Oméga3, VitamineD3, Astaxanthine
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Highly potent, latest generation complex of Omega 3 wax esters (DHA, EPA, SDA), Vitamin D3 and Astaxanthin.

Delayed release.

Processed without solvent or refining.

60 capsules
- Helps reduce heart risk and regulate blood pressure.

- Increases levels of good cholesterol and is effective in reducing triglycerides.

- Ensures proper functioning of cognitive functions (behaviour, attention disorders, bipolarity, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, anxiety, depression, etc.).

- Helps to improve eye health, reduces symptoms of macular degeneration (AMD).

- Helps reduce symptoms of inflammation, helps relieve some pain.
- Traps free radicals and protects cells from oxidative stress.

- Helps improve weight loss and reduce the size of fat cells (dimples).

- Promotes maintenance of the intestinal microbiota.

- Promotes the development of muscle mass, increases endurance and strength.

- Improves the membrane flexibility of cells and vessels.

- Supports the immune system.

- Prevents skin ageing (promotes hydration and elasticity).

- Increases fertility in men.

- Promotes healthy development of the foetus.
- Increases insulin sensitivity.

- Contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis.
90% of the French population is deficient in Omega 3: our body does not synthesise essential fatty acids.

Our formula is the most efficient, ultra pure and stable formula available today:
Omega-3 wax esters (DHA, EPA, SDA) + Astaxanthin (Anti-Oxidant) + Vitamin D3

Calanus Finmarchicus is a small zooplankton type crustacean, which feeds on living matter: marine phytoplankton.
It is protected from heavy metals and other pollutants because it is at the very beginning of the food chain.

The UNIQUE natural composition of Calanus oil optimises the health benefits, much more than other marine oils.

The naturally contained fatty acids are very stable, highly assimilable and bioavailable.

The innovative bioactive, time-released formula enables it to activate receptors never before reached (distal intestine) and penetrates all parts of the body, including the eyes and brain (DHA) and the heart (EPA).

Vitamin D plays an essential role in the quality of bone and muscle tissue and in strengthening the immune system.

Source: Anses 2015
2 capsules per day, in the evening with dinner.

Store away from heat and moisture. Ideally in the refrigerator.

Contraindications :

People allergic to shellfish.

In case of haemophilia and/or coagulation disorders or taking anticoagulant: refer to your doctor.
Calanus finmarchicus oil (crustacean), fish gelatin, humectant: glycerin, medium chain triglycerides from fractionated coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), cholecalciferol, antioxidant: extracts rich in tocopherols.

60 capsules - 42,5 g

Nutritional information (2 capsules) :

Calanus finmarchicus oil + Vitamin D3: 1050 mg, including :
Wax esters: 892.5 mg including :
- Omega 3: 194 mg (including: EPA: 31.5 mg DHA: 42 mg SDA: 42 mg)
- Astaxanthin: 630 µg.
Vitamin D3: 10 µg (200% RDA)
Wake Up pursues a quality approach and guarantees food supplements:

- No pesticides, no heavy metals, no solvents

- No GMOs, no gluten

- No milk, no sugar

- Not tested on animals

The S&You range meets very high efficiency requirements.

- High quality natural raw materials.

- Gentle technology.

- Maximum purity and stability.

- Effectiveness recognised by science.

- Sincere and convincing testimonials.

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